Time Guarantee



GreenPath Logistics “Green Guaranteed” is a guaranteed service transportation solution for shipments moving from origin to destination by a specified time. We offer (4) solution options within our service footprint.

Guaranteed by Noon

Guaranteed by 5:00 PM

Time Specific Guarantee

  • When your customer must receive a shipment by a specific time, you need a carrier that can guarantee it will be there. When the pressure is on call toll free 800-824-1887 and our Guaranteed Service Facilitator will be there to help. Just tell us where the shipment must be delivered and by what hour. We will quickly confirm the schedule with our Logistics Coordinator and call you back within 20 minutes with a price quote and our service commitment. With your approval, the Coordinator will schedule the pickup and coordinate the needed delivery schedule.


  •  To engage the bill of lading must have “Green Guarantee” written in the body of the bill of lading followed by the specified service requested. (re; by noon, by 5:00, or a specific time)
  • In the event of a failure, GreenPath Logistics will continue to perform the shipment delivery as soon as possible and will refund the applicable upcharge if requested in writing within 10 business days.


  • Acts of God or unforeseen situations (e.g. weather-related, road closures, evacuations, pandemics) that prevent delivery will void the guarantee. The upcharge will be removed. We will complete the delivery as soon as conditions allow.