Power Only

At GPL we offer power-only trucking, a full-capacity solution to your trucking needs. We provide the drive and tractor to haul any type of trailer. Our power-only trucking drivers have experience in over-size hauling and can meet your needs for any type of haul. Our sustainable fleet will help reduce your carbon footprint and improve your ESG scores.

What are the benefits of power only trucking?


In a power-only trucking service, the customer controls the trailers and products, while we maintain control of the trucks. Dividing up these two elements allows each business to focus on what it does best.



Customers don’t need to worry about putting together a driver schedule. Instead, you can simply put out a call for a tractor and driver and be sure that the load will be picked up on-time every single time.


Power-only trucking solutions maximize efficiency by allowing shipping companies and customers to load and unload trailers at their own convenience, allowing our arrivers to pick them up when they’re ready to go.

Lower Cost

Equipment isn’t cheap, dividing it up means that our customers don’t need to purchase tractors and drivers. Lower overhead means more profits. The less either side pays in capital expenditures and maintenance, the more money everyone can ultimately make.

Trust and expert with your trailer

  • Dry vans
  • Chassis
  • Containers
  • Flatbeds
  • Refrigerated vans
  • Heavy haul

Why Choose Greenpath Logistics?

Image and corporate responsibility


At GreenPath Logistics we are determined to fit your corporate goals, through alternative fuel trucking we are capable to reduce the carbon footprint of your team. Lowering your operational footprint is our main objective, and our team will perform to the best of our capacity to deliver a greener image to our customers.

Environment Administering


At GreenPath Logistics the environment is our priority, for which we deploy 100% alternative fuel trucks into our operations. CNG vehicles produce 30% less greenhouse gases than diesel vehicles, and RNG vehicles can reduce emissions from 50-100% compared to fossil fuels.

Technology and safety that fits your requirements


Through state-of-the-art technology and safety features, GPL can provide the safest 100% alternative fuel logistical services in the industry.