GreenPath Logistics

GreenPath Logistics is proactively seeking transformative affiliations with state-of-the-art technology companies that provide the most efficient alternative trucking technologies.
As a subsidiary of NGV Global Group, specialized in the natural gas industry, offering customers a range of sustainable transportation and logistics services to meet carbon reduction goals. GPL has the pedigree to partner with some of the most innovating companies and institutions to provide the best solutions available to its customers.

At GPL we've partnered with multiple companies and associations that seek technological-carbon reducement technologies in the transportation industry

Associations at GreenPath Logistics

Associations at GreenPath Logistics At GPL we’ve partnered with some of the most environmentally responsible associations with the goal of promoting sustainable fuel transportation and a carbon footprint reduction in the United States. GreenPath Logistics and NGV Global Group take pride for being active members of these associations which help promote green and sustainable solutions.

NGV America

Natural Gas Vehicles for America is a national organization devoted to the development of a growing, profitable, and sustainable market for vehicles powered by natural gas or bio-methane. GreenPath Logistics is a member of this organization through the marketing and practice of natural gas vehicles, engines, and equipment.

North Texas Council of Governments

The NCTCOG has kicked off a regional effort to offer energy conservation practices as the DFW area expects to grow by 48% by 2040. Implementing renewable energy projects is a commitment for the north Texan governments, and with GPL they’re a devoted to help us deploy the first 100% sustainable tucking fleet in the state.

Partnerships at GreenPath Logistics


Hyliion is a leader in electrified power systems for Class § semi-trucks. GPL’s long-time partnership with Hyliion to deploy new technologies has led to the ordering of 50 Hyper- truck ERX that will be delivered to GreenPath Logistics by the end of 2022.