We understand the importance of top-of-the-line equipment for our drivers. At GreenPath Logistics, we invest in technology to ensure that our drivers have equipment with the latest technology to keep them safe and comfortable.

As a subsidiary of NGV Global Group, GPL deploys technology and infrastructure into its own fleet of transportation. NGV global focuses on the manufacturing of natural gas engines and vehicles, through added engineering expertise from Wing Power Systems, a Westport Technology that was added to NGV Global Group in 2021. Together, the companies provide proprietary solutions that enable vehicles to operate on clean-burning fuels, such as compressed natural gas (CNG) and renewable natural gas (RNG). NGV Global Group and GreenPath Logistics are headquartered in Dallas with a 100,000 square-foot natural gas technology facility that operates CNG engine manufacturing, conversion, maintenance, and repair services. Additional facilities are located in Houston and San Antonio.

Our focus on alternative fuels

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)  

-CNG is an eco-friendly alternative to gasoline and diesel. It is made by compressing natural gas also known as methane to about 1% of its original volume. CNG is safer than gasoline or diesel, as it is non-toxic. it doesn’t contaminate groundwater and soil. Compressed natural gas is also quieter than regular fuels and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% compared to diesel.

Renewable Natural Gas(RNG)

– RNG is biogas that has been through processes and placed in the conventional natural gas system. RNG comes from different sources, including livestock waste, landfills, food waste, and other organic waste operations. Being placed in the CNG system gives it the same use as conventional natural gas but with additional environmental benefits as it is 100% carbon-neutral.


– HE vehicles are powered by an internal combustion system (CNG/RNG) in combination with an electric motor. The electric motor supplements energy to the vehicle allowing it has low emissions and high fuel economy.


– This type of technology used in our vehicles combines two different types of fuels, which allows the vehicle to use different types of fuels to its advantage to deliver superior efficiency and power.


-This type of technology used in our vehicles uses two different types of fuel that do not mix in operation. Fuel sources can be switched either automatically based on environmental and performance parameters or manually from the cabin


– Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) also known as propane is recovered through the process of oil refining and it is considered an alternative fuel. This type of fuel technology operates like a gasoline vehicle with a spark-ignited combustion engine. Similar to CNG, it is a safer and greener alternative to gasoline or diesel.

NGV Global Group’s Operation

NGV’s legacy company, NGV Texas, Inc, was launched in 2008 to provide CNG engine conversions for light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

– More than 15,000 natural gas vehicles have been inspected, serviced, repaired, and converted since inception.
– Extensive expertise in dedicated, Bi-fuel, dual-fuel, and hybrid-electric conversions.
– Offer entire spectrum of transportation carbon reduction solutions through sale, leasing or “green logistics” with alternative fuel trucks manufactured by the company

Wing Power System's Operation

In 2021 Wing Power Systems was acquired from Westport, Inc, a leading, provider of CNG and bi-fuel engines for Ford vehicles, to integrate proprietary technology that provides customers an unparalleled combination of engineering excellence and hands-on fleet management.

– With Wing Power Systems, NGV Global Group launched the trailblazing line of EPA-certified 7.3L CNG / RNG F-650s in January ‘of 2022 that are Ford QI85 calibrated, optimally configured with a GVWR of up to 25,999 pounds and do not require a CDL to operate
– This new Ford technology also applies for other F-Line models, including the F-150 through F-350, F-650/750, and F-59.